I am quiet a sporty lady. You can find me in the gym at least three times a week. So, if you’d ask me to do some Yoga, I’d hesitate because for me it sounds too slow and unattractive. I like real workouts….!

But then, Tami, founder of the Womanhood studio, moved her studio almost a year ago to a location where she could live her dream. She started all kinds of new lessons like Aerial Yoga. That is not on a mat but in a hammock kind of thing. You can do your stretchings while using the cloth which hangs in her studio. When I heard about it, I thought let’s give it a try and it sure was a great experience and a good workout.

The Womanhood studio is not only the place for doing exotic kinds of yoga, there is more. The studio offers massage, pre-and postnatal classes, pilates, other styles of yoga, mediation and lessons for parents and their kids, like swing and bond and Pilactive kids. It all takes place in a nicely decorated monument of the city called ‘t Koetshuys 1776.
Tami is a multi-talented lady, she is sincere and you always feel welcome when you meet her. She is also a Doula, a birth coach. In the Womanhood studio you feel her presence, her eye for details. It is a warm place so check the schedule, there is always a class which you can join.



Schoolstraat 28