There is something going on in Delft!

Today the Year of Vermeer started. This means that ‘till 31 December 2016 there are all kinds of activities in town related to this famous painter.

Up to now there was not a real ‘Vermeer’ in Delft, the place where he was born and lived and worked as a painter. But now after 320! years one of his masterpieces can be seen in Delft until 17 July.

It is the painting: the little street. I saw it last winter in Amsterdam, in the Rijksmuseum and last week I enjoyed it in Delft. The place where Vermeer painted it.

Until recently it was not clear where Vermeer painted his little street. There have been many theories about the exact location. But an old tax register proved that it was in the Vlamingstraat 40-42 where Vermeer situated his painting. At the painting there are two gates, one is still recognizable today.

The Vlamingstraat is not far from the place where you can see the painting. It is shown in an exhibition at the Prinsenhof. The exhibition is called: Vermeer is coming home, the little street back in Delft.

It describes the different theories about the exact location and there is room for your own interpretation.  You walk through a sort of labyrinth that symbolizes the search.

At the end in the main room you can find the masterpiece surrounded by paintings of Pieter de Hooch who are also exposed together for the first time.


If you feel like it you can try the Vermeer Escapebox in the museum. I did it and it was fun, in 15 minutes you have to solve a few puzzles, there are clues everywhere or you can use the QR code clues inside the box. If you are with teenagers, get the experience! Great fun.

A real Vermeer in town is something special. And I understand why the whole Delft community embraces this event. You can buy all kinds of stuff with a picture of paintings of Vermeer. There is Vermeer, beer, Vermeer chocolate, a Vermeer sandwich and so on.

I like this a lot, it feels lively in town now. There are banners everywhere, there is a huge picture of the little street at the train station. You can’t and should not miss it. (in Dutch)

Combination tickets are available at TIP Delft (Tourist Information Point)

The Prinsenstad combiticket provides an introduction to the New Church, Old Church, Museum Het Prinsenhof, a historic city walk (booklet) and a warm welcome to a coffee and a pain d’amande bisquit at Stads-koffyhuis. Only for €16,- per person!

The Vermeer Combi Ticket offers you access to the Vermeer Centrum Delft (including coffee and cake), Museum Het Prinsenhof, the New Church, the Old Church and you receive the Vermeer Walk that guides you past the Vermeer sites in the city. The Vermeer Combi Ticket is way cheaper than single tickets. Total costs of the Vermeer Combi Ticket €21,-