There is something you have to know about Dutch people….

They all know how to skate on ice!!!

If you want to feel like how it is to skate on ice you should try this at Winters Delft. It is an ice-ring situated about 15 minutes from the city center by bike. You pay 11 euros to get in and to rent ice skates. There are also ice skates available for kids from size 27. For the smallest children there are also easy skates available.

You have to wear gloves at the ice-ring, if you forgot to bring them, you can buy them too. They ar not expensive. When you are set and done the fun can begin!

For children who can’t skate there are little skate friends like penguins and bears. I learned to skate on ice by using a chair, these little friends work much easier and look funnier. After some time, of course, you get cold and thirsty. No problem because there is a large cantina where you can warm up with hot (and cold) drinks and where you can have something to eat. You can enjoy a meal while having your ice-skates on…

So when you are in Delft and want to experience a typical Dutch pass time, go ice skating at Winters Delft. It’s fun!

How to get there

Rotterdamseweg 272