During last Easter weekend we had guests at home who had lunch and dinner with us. I made my favorite tomato soup (read the post about het Pauwtje) and prepared other food (Yes, if I want, I can! :-) ).

We all had a good time. On a day like that is a relief that we have machines at home like a dishwasher. It was packed with dirty dishes when I turned it on, but after a minute or so it started beeping, guess what? At the busiest days in the year it went broke…

The only thing you need than is someone to rescue you! Shops were closed that day but the day after I went to the ‘wasmachinehuis’ in Delft. We bought our washing machine there, they gave a good service and advice, so we went back.

After 10 minutes I knew everything about dishwashers and that most people do not use it right! I bought a new one and the same day they took the old one with them and installed the new one.

Too bad for me, I had imagined to explore more take aways from Delft this week….I must find a new excuse now.


Wasmachinehuis / Noordeinde 54 / +31(0)15 212 04 24