I wrote an article about the Voldersgracht for the new magazine about Delft, called Blauww. This canal street is a street which is interesting to visit day and night. During daytime you can shop, have a coffee and lunch. In the evening it offers a lot of dining options. I already wrote about a few restaurants before. 

It is nice to have a stroll in this street because cars are not allowed. But be aware of the cyclists. You hardly hear them and they think they rule the place

It is a special street because the canal is only at one side of the street. At the opposite of the shops and restaurants you can see the backside of the buildings situated at Market square. It looks like they will flood but that does not happen because of a dam at the beginning of the canal. It closes, for example, when there is heavy rainfall.

To give you an impression about the (specialty) shops which you can find at the Voldersgracht, I’ll mention a few.


If you like music there is Velvet and Plexus. Velvet is a part of a small size franchise organization. They mainly sell cd’s, also records and hipster record players. Every now and then there is an instore live concert.

Plexus sells mainly records. It is an authentic shop, have a look, I think you hardly see so many records at one time. When I was there, I noticed that most of the artwork looks at is best on a sleeve instead of a cd cover.

Food and drink

I already wrote about Het pauwtje, the shop with nice designed cooking supplies. Next to it, there is ‘De vergulden Pauw’ a shop with fresh coffee and tea. But also a good place to buy a coffee machine, from an Illy quickmill ‘till an impressive Jura. Of a slow coffee machine…whatever you like.

If you get a little bit hungry and you do not want to have a meal, make a quick stop at ‘Of je worst lust’. They sell sausages and you can eat them inside or at their lovely terrace accompanied by some wine and bread.

Another place to get quality wines is at Wines & Whiskies. They sell every whisky you can think of and the special thing about the shop is that they have high quality wines which are ready to drink.


At the Vermeer center, you can enjoy the replicas of Vermeers paintings. He only painted 37 paintings but there is not an original one in Delft! That is a pity, but with this center you get a very good impression of his life and work.

It seems that Vermeer lived at Voldersgracht 26. Now there is an antique and art shop where you can still see traces of a wall from that period.

This is only a selection of the shops and interesting places of the Voldersgracht. So when you are at Market square with the New church in front of you, turn left and you’ll enter this beautiful canal street.

Places I wrote about before situated at the Voldersgracht