At the moment I am very busy. Our house is in transition. I just read the book of Marie Kondo about tidying up your home. And it hit me right in the face.

One of the things you must do if you follow her method is, to hold every item and then you have to answer the question if that item sparks joy to you or not. If it does, keep it, if not, it has become garbage.

It is so simple. And it works. While doing this I started with the category books. (she advices to start with clothes, but for some reason, I started with books…)

I took all the books from our house to one place and I held them one by one and answered the question, does this book sparks joy to me? I was surprised that a lot of books, which I liked reading, did not spark any joy to me. The pile of books which I wanted to keep, hardly grew.

Then I held the book: ‘Vive la fête, ’ a book about cool do-it-yourself styling for parties. I knew the answer right away: yes! This one sparks joy and I want to keep it. Actually, I’ve got two copies of it and I’ll keep them both. Yes Marie, both!!

One of the creative authors is Margo Weijer owner of Galerie XS in Delft, a place I wrote about before. When I bought the book years ago I did not know this, I even did not know Margo. But I liked the book that much that I even bought a second hand copy of it at Marktplaats (local e-bay) to send it to one of my friends in France. It was sold out in Holland.

While exploring Delft, I met Margo, and I discovered that she was one of the authors of this inspiring and stylish book. We laughed about my search for a second hand copy. She gave me a new one.

The books are on sale in the gallery. Get it, it is fun and even after a few years I am sure it will still “spark joy” to you too!


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