Before the summer holidays started, I had this special party in a castle. There are quite a few interesting castles in the Netherlands but that is another blogpost…

My husband bought me a nice dress from Dita von Teese a burlesque dancer and model. It has a retro look and it is awesome. But as the party was a little bit classy I needed a clutch. I did not have one. Buying a new one on a short term (1 day left) was not an option, the only place where I could look for it was in Delft 🙂

I did not want to spend a lot of money on a bag for only one evening, so I got the idea to have a look at a few vintage shops in Delft. There are a lot of them and every now and then I like to look around and see if there is something useful for me or for my kids (my husband does not like second had stuff).

This time I started at : ‘Het goede doelen winkeltje’, a charity shop with all kinds of used clothes and goods. I found a clutch there, a really nice one, but it did not match with my dress. However, I bought it, you never know when you need it… Then I tried the ‘Charity shop’ at the Burgwal. There was nothing for me.

I had a quick look at the bags outside in the bowl of Elizes Kledingvondsten, and my last chance was at the second hand shop in the Vlamingstraat. I actually do not know if this shop has a name, but that does not matter, I found my clutch there. For only 2 Euro’s I had a nice bag which matched my dress and I had a great evening out with my husband 😉

The best kept secrects of Delft are these vintage shops, there are more of them in Delft than the ones I mention in this story. Explore them, I always find something nice for my kids or myself for only a little bit of money. Tip: visit them regularly, the goods they sell change and you never know when it is your lucky day!


Goede Doelen Winkeltje / Yperstraat 46

Elizes Kledingvondsten / Vrouw Juttenland 43 /  (closed)

Charity shop / Burgwal 95

Vintage shop / Vlamingstraat 12 (closed now they maily sell books)