Maybe I am psychic, maybe it was just good luck…but yesterday I had  dinner with my husband which I had planned a few weeks before, at Van der Dussen. A restaurant/lounge (I did not understand the word lounge…) with a hidden entrance at the Bagijnhof in Delft.

We really needed to go out for an evening. As I wrote it before, my son broke his leg and having a boy in a wheelchair is tiring if you are not used to it.

So we sat down, exhausted after a busy week and we got spoiled from the first course till the last one. I have never had such a great salmon sashimi like I got it here, the main course was perfect and the cheese cake with raspberries filled with a kind of cream was excellent. Good idea to fill raspberries!

I also liked the atmosphere. The restaurant is located in an old building, it still breathes it’s history of the Bagijnhof. It has been decorated nicely. Next time (yes there will be one) we will ask another place to sit, but apart from that, yesterday we were in the right place at the right moment!


Restaurant/Lounge Van der Dussen / Bagijnhof 118 / +31(0)152147212