If you get to Delft by train, you immediately see what is going on. Delft gets a new station building. It is built next to the old one. I visited the new building a few weeks ago when it was open for visitors. I doubt about writing about it, because it is still under construction. But you can see it from the outside and it looks impressive. And there is not only a new building being built, there is a story behind it.

Years ago when I did not live as close to Delft as I do now, I never understood why this beautiful city had a train that runs over a bridge through the city. It separates the city and gives a lot of noise and vibrations to the houses close to it. The bridge itself is also very ugly.

The local authorities decided a few years ago to start the ‘Spoorzone’ project. The entire project consists of a railway tunnel, a railway station with municipal office, around 1200 dwellings, a number of office buildings, a city park, water elements, bicycle facilities, parking facilities and roads.

The station building is a design of Mecanoo architecst from Delft.

The outside of the building is made of glass. It reflects the cloudy skies like on the paintings of Vermeer. It also gives the building kind of transparency. The circles in the glass refer to the glass craft in Delft in the early days. The pattern on the glass refers to the pattern of all the small streets of Delft. There will be a Delft Blue arched ceiling in the station hall.

When the projects is finished, you will get a complete new perspective of the city. I can’t wait!


Delft Central Station