A friend of mine told me she liked the food of Toko Idola, en little Indonesian take away / restaurant in Delft. I never noticed this place, it is a little bit hidden, but it looked nice and clean. So when the right moment was there I tried their food also. I had dinner inside. You choose your meal yourself or you can get the monthly surprise dinner. The mother of the owner cooks the meals and she gave me a good explanation about the dishes and told me if something is spicy or not. I took the non-spicy fried rice, the spicy egg-plant and sweet chicken-cashew dish. It was very good!

The place is not over decorated like most Indonesian restaurants. It looks fresh and the owner told me he painted the concrete floor and did not change it to give you the same feeling you have when you are in Indonesia where you eat on a simple chair at every corner on the street.

Like I said, his mum cooks, she had a well-known Indonesian restaurant in Delft before. She is from Eastern Java so there are mainly dishes from that part of Indonesia. But she also likes fusion dishes, like typical Dutch kale with coconut milk and lemon grass or a typical dish from Jakarta mixed with a sauce from her own village.

So if you want eat outside of your own kitchen without the fuss of a restaurant this is the place to go. Or when you want take away Indonesian food you’ll hardly get any better than this. You can also order you meal at the deliveroo website and they will bring it to your home or hotel room.

The biggest surprise is the price. I’ll come back! And for you: Try!

Toko Idola, Brabantse Turfmarkt 32