So what do you do, when you visit a place abroad you’ve never been before?

I am preparing my trip to Japan right now and the first thing I did was buying a Lonely Planet guide. I bought my first Lonely Planet almost 20! years ago… so it has also become more like a habit to buy it. Then I look at the internet to find more practical information about how to get around and to find interesting places of the beaten track or to find gluten free restaurants (this is really a hassle) for my son. When I arrive at my destination I ask people from the hotel for information and I take a lot of interesting flyers with me from the lobby.

If the tourist information is nearby I visit that place also to get more flyers, business cards etc. I look like a hamster right now, I know, but I just want to know what is hip and happening at my destination and I want to understand the place where I am.

What to do when you visit Delft?

If you visit Delft, you should absolutely read my blog 😉 and you can also visit TIP (Tourist Information Point) Delft. Where ever you stay in Delft, it is nearby, it is in the Kerkstraat, near the Nieuwe Kerk (New church) at Market square. It is a little bit hidden, left next to the church, but the nice thing about it, it used to be a typical Dutch house. Downstairs is for visitors, upstairs is a large office area.

You can collect a lot of flyers if you want. I also leave my flyer there for tourists who did not find my blog on the internet. Since recently there is free wifi at the four largest squares in Delft and in a lot of hotels, so my blog can easily be read in Delft too.

At Tip Delft you can also book tours and buy nice souvenirs. It’s a handy place in the center of Delft!

For me, while preparing our holiday to Japan I realized I should write more about How to get around in Delft and it’s region. Knowing what to do or where to eat is the first thing, but how to get there is second best. I will work on that section next week…so I’ll keep you posted!


Tourist Information Point / Kerkstraat 3 / +31(0)15  215 40 51


Ps Thank you Kuo and Huang from Taiwan for visiting Delft and TIP!