Hah, you don’t have to go Kathmandu to get the authentic Nepal feeling, you just visit the Tibet shop in Delft. Saves a lot of energy and money. Which you can spent here.

What they sell: clothes, jewellery, prayer wheels, Buddha statues, little handmade stuff and their famous Tibetan singing bowls. Most things are from Nepal, the Tibetan owner travels to Nepal twice a year. They also sell goods from Tibet. Once my husband gave me a very beautiful prayer wheel which he bought at this shop. I enjoy it every day, it reminds me to our trip to Tibet.

The Tibet shop is a good place if you feel sympathy for Nepal or Tibet or when you like shops were you can poke a little bit around. You should not mind the smell of incense.


The Tibet shop / Hippolytusbuurt 26 / +31(0) 219 07 65