**UPDATE 2018**

The Haka still servers food, which can ben gluten free, but not 100% anylonger and they decided to work as a catering service only, so you cannot go to their little restaurant anylonger. That is a pitty but still you can give them a call to order food. 

A few weeks ago I got this crowd funding request from the nice guys from the restaurant Hills and Mills in Delft. They were looking for people who wanted to invest in a new project called The Haka, a healthy salad bar.

They got their inspiration during their travels in New Zealand where they saw salad bars on every corner of the street. And they decided to start a gluten (and lactose) free salad bar in Delft.

I get excited when I read something like this. First, I like it when people do something concrete with their inspiration. And second, I think that is it’s great to have a place in town 100% gluten free. I wrote it before and I am busy writing for my new section about gluten free travelling in Holland and Delft, my son is a celiac patient so gluten are strictly forbidden for him.

At the Haka, you can eat safe if you are a celiac patient. Isn’t that fantastic!

It is even better that the food is really good. We had lunch there with the four of us and we all had a great salad. I liked mine with the smoked salmon, my husband’s chicken salad was delightful and my children had the salad with the corn cookies in it. You get your salad in a box or bowl with a dressing served separately.

Even without the label ‘gluten free’ they serve great food. And drinks, I should not forget that. The fresh pineapple drink with celery was thirst-quenching.

I am happy with this new place in town. You can have a seat and eat lunch at the salad bar, but they mainly do take away and they deliver in Delft and in The Hague Ypenburg. 🙂

When we had lunch  I realized it was a very good decision to invest in this little restaurant with great ambitions!

De Haka / Wijnhaven 13/ +31 (0)15 364 9407