While I was on tour in Delft I felt like having a cappuccino with my little daughter. As I left a few cards at the entrance of the Bacinol 2 building where café/brasserie  Huszar is located I decided to have my cappuccino on their terrace boat. When I was there the first time, it was still too cold to have such a boat, but now the weather is ok. You see many terrace boats in Delft. It gives you the feeling of eating or drinking at a canal or it is just the only place where a café/restaurant has the possibility to create a nice place outside. Some streets are very narrow and there is not enough space.

Although it was pretty early this morning the weather was good enough. As the boat is located on an ‘open’ water (you know where Vermeer painted his famous, view on Delft) you must beware of the wind. But that was okay this morning.

Because of this ‘open’ water, there were some motor yachts leaving. There is always something happening on the water. I felt like being in Venice again (I have a rich imagination)

So when the weather is good and when there is not too much wind, this is the place to be!


Café/brasserie Huszár / Hooikade 13 / +31(0)15 – 262 65 62