A few years ago I had this very friendly neighbor who offered me her home made sushi. It was my first time to eat sushi and after that, also the last time for years…

To get over this sushi trauma my husband started about a year ago to take me out to different sushi bars. The quality of it differed a lot and finally I got over this trauma. Now I am the one who wants to go to Japan for the real thing! The documentary about Jiro (famous sushi shop in Tokyo) also makes me wanne go there.

I found a good sushi bar in Delft, called Sushipoint. It is a chain of sushi take aways. At first you might think that it is fast food, but it is not, it actually tastes very good. They have different menus and good deals. It is very fresh and they deliver only for 2,50 Euro your sushi at home.

My children eat the food with us, next time I will buy the childrens’ menu for them. It comes with a surprise.

Btw. I’ll give you the link of the trailer of the  great documentary, Jiro dreams of sushi. After seeing this you will appreciate the art of making sushi even more.


Sushipoint / Nieuwe Langendijk 1 / +31(0)15 213 8600