Last Xmas holidays I spent some time in Singapore. There we got the suggestion to have dinner at Genki Sushi at the famous Orchard Road. It was a big success as we loved the sushi and the kids liked the way they served it. A bullet train and something like a plane brought the sushi at our table. That was really fun and something I’ll never forget.

In Delft there is not something like that. But there is Sushi Obento.

Obento means lunchbox, did you know that? I did not.

The sushi is also very good. We liked the sushi Hotatagai (scallops) and the Unagi Maki (roasted eel) a lot. They served the sushi for my ‘gluten free’ son on a separate plate and he got his own gluten free soy sauce.

It is a nice place with good sushi, but they have to work on two things: the heat (it was a bit chilly in there) and the speed (it can take some time for your order is served).

Kam-pai :-) 


Sushi Obento / Binnenwatersloot 7 / +31(0)15 284 0080