A week before our holidays in Japan began, I had two surprise dinners. One in Delft with a special cause: against the waste of food. And one in a restaurant with a Michelin star, just outside of Delft.

I liked both in its own way.

Pop Up: Taste the waste

The pop up restaurant against the waste of food was a local initiative. A few young people with a food company (restaurant or catering service ) joined together and asked for food from supermarkets and local farmers. Food which is still suitable for consumption but cannot be sold and normally this food ends up in a bin. They got 700 kg of food. They served a surprise dinner for about 60 people an evening. We took our kids with us. It was fun, sitting at the dazzling green table from the charity shop with a bio coke and bio beer!


We left our kids at home with a nanny from Oppas Madelief when we had dinner at Niven. A fancy restaurant in Rijswijk, almost in Delft. We went there by bike as we had planned to take the ten course tasting menu including wine.

At Niven the philosophy is 80% vegetables and 20% meat or fish. We had ten small portions of great food. Everything we had was straight-out delicious. Something you would expect in a restaurant with a Michelin star. But still, there was more. We liked the fact that all staff was under 30 years old or at least looked like it. And also the relaxed atmosphere. A place to come back. Hopefully they’ll serve that great olive cake than again 🙂

Pop up restaurants come and disappear, you never know when or where in Delft….

Niven /   Delftweg 58a / Rijswijk / +31(0) 70 307 79 70