After a long lasting Indian summer, autumn has come as it should be. This means, cold, rain and wind. I do not like the combination of wind and rain. Especially when I have to ride my bike…

Maybe I am vain, maybe not, but I do not like raincoats. They make me look like a bag of potatoes, or a dwarf, so I choose to take my car as much as possible or if I have to, I use an umbrella while riding on my bike. That is not very safe, but, since some time I have a solution: the Storm umbrella. An invention from the Delft technical University.

It almost looks like a normal umbrella, but this one is not round, it is a-symmetric. The construction of this umbrella is also much stronger.

When I was in the Science Center in Delft a few weeks ago, I read the story about this umbrella. In 2004 Gerwin Hoogendoorn, industrial designer combined the problem of a weak umbrella with the design of a durable windsurfing sail. After a few prototypes he designed the storm umbrella Senz.

Storm umbrella

senz storm umbrella