Please don’t go to your own hairdresser before you visit Delft. Call Steilloos and get the experience!

The word Steilloos refers to hair without curls but it is also a joke. If you only pronounce the word and forget how it is spelled, it means without style. It is a joke because this hairdresser is full of style.

The experience starts outside when you see the large retro lamp-shade. Inside the seventies retro style is reflected in every detail. I personally like the orange Brabantia ‘bread boxes’ . They remind me of my childhood. Every Dutch family used to have one of these to keep bread fresh.

Not only the interior is decorated in retro style. The hairdressers, two very nice ladies, also have this stylish retro look. Apart from their looks, they cut your hair very well.

This hairdresser is unique!

Kapper Steilloos / VrouwJuttenland 32 / +31(0)15-2135400

Ps My husband is a big fan of Kam Kam at the opposite of the canal…

and yes it is me, myself and I in that mirror! 😉