When you are in Holland, you will probably meet someone who will try to explain to you the Dutch word ‘gezellig’. It is a word which seems hard to translate, maybe ‘cosy’ gets close.

Instead of trying to find the best translation or to describe the meaning of the word, I advise to visit Stads-Koffyhuis to get the Dutch ‘gezellig-feeling’.

You can have only coffee or tea there (with a biscuit!), but the Stads-Koffyhuis is famous because of their sandwiches. Every year they seem to have a winning sandwich. When you enter the place, just look up above the counter and there you will see all the  trophies which they won with their best sandwiches last years.

My friend and I took the winning sandwich of 2013. The napkin tells you how to eat at its best. That is funny. The sandwich was good. But the mint tea was even better. I got mint syrup with it, made by Firma van Buiten.

Don’t forget to take a look at the toilets upstairs. You will find out how deep this place is and you have a nice view on the kitchen when you walk up the stairs.

You can wash your hands with water from a Delft Blue Crane!


BTW: Gluten free options are available, bread and pancakes!


Stads Koffyhuis  / Oude delft 133 / +31(0)15 2124625