But you can buy very nice children’s stuff here! Last Saturday we visited the Musouk festival at the Market square. There is always something going on on the square in the weekends when the good weather season starts.

The festival was about music and food of different continents. The music did not excite me so we walked around at the little market at the square. I saw this very pretty dresses and skirts who were obviously handmade. The fabrics of the clothes were very nice and different so I bought a skirt for my daughter and a bag made of fabric from Japan and Ikea!

The clothes and accessories are made by Petra van Dijke. She runs her own ‘brand’ called Spat design. She told me she is always busy sewing and crocheting. She uses retro textiles, asks people to take textiles home if they go abroad. She also wants to make something for you from textiles you have yourself.

And it all looks so good, retro and hip!

But there is not a shop in Delft where you can visit her. I do have her address which is mentioned on her cards. I will use that below this blogpost.

Keep her in mind when you want something handmade and unique for your kids!


Spat / Petra van Dijke / A.M. de Jonglaan 19 /  +31(0)610527639