I had this colleague a few years ago and if I worked with her, I got the feeling of 1+1=3. Do you know that expression? You use it in Dutch to say that you can work alone of course, but sometimes if you work together the outcome is higher than you would individually achieve. That’s synergy!

When I met Barbara de Gelder from Something Extra in Delft I got the same feeling as I felt with my colleague from years ago.

I met Barbara when I worked in Delft, she organized nice workshops for the students I worked with. Last March I met her again during The international women’s week in Delft. She organized a “Meet me high tea’ in her atelier at the Oude Langendijk which is full of 17th century clothes, wigs, hats, shoes etc. A great place if you like costumes! At the end of the meeting we ended up dressed like a 17th century member of the civic guard. You know, from Rembrandts famous Nightwatch…That was fun. Although I do not share the picture Barbara took of our ‘masterpiece’ 🙂

Last weekend I was in Delft with my family to experience the 7th ‘Levende Etalage dag’. A day when shop windows in Delft come alive and all kinds of people are dressed up and who are spread around town to make shopping in Delft more fun. This day is also organized by Barbara.

I liked the retro shop window at the clothes shop Elize’s Kledingvondsten. My children were impressed by the poems of Hugo de Groot ( I think) at Booktore Huyser.

Despite the fact that we came home soaked (I forgot to take an umbrella with me), we had a wonderful day in Delft and I think it is a good day to visit Delft because history comes alive in its original setting. When you are not in Delt on ‘Levende etalage dag’ visit Something Extra to get the same historical feeling and let Barbara capture this for you.

Something Extra / Oude Langendijk 36 / +31(0) 6-22766228