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My home in Delft, the best place to stay!

I’ve been busy last the last few months. My husband and I bought an early  19th century house with authentic details and you can rent it for your stay in Delft 🙂 It is located right in het heart of the city center so all the interesting sights are in walking...

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Delft Phototours, a photo walk in Delft

Since I have a smartphone with a great camera lens, I hardly use my Olympus OMD camera. My phone makes me a lazy photographer, so when I take pictures for the Instagram account of Exloringdelft, I am not always proud of the results. I do not have the intention to make...

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Say cheese in Gouda!

Yes, it is holiday time! Well not really, I still have some work to do…but with the kids at home I try to combine three things: work, kidsfun and going out to have a break myself. So today we decided to visit Gouda. It is a city a bit like Delft with canals and gables...

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Ice-skating at Winters Delft

There is something you have to know about Dutch people…. They all know how to skate on ice!!! If you want to feel like how it is to skate on ice you should try this at Winters Delft. It is an ice-ring situated about 15 minutes from the city center by bike. You pay 11...

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Inspiration at Museum Voorlinden

Not far from Delft, only 20 minutes by car, located in Wassenaar, you can find the best Museum of the Netherlands: Museum Voorlinden. A private initiative open for public. Surrounded by a special designed garden. Despite our great museums in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, I...

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The year of Vermeer

There is something going on in Delft! Today the Year of Vermeer started. This means that ‘till 31 December 2016 there are all kinds of activities in town related to this famous painter. Up to now there was not a real ‘Vermeer’ in Delft, the place where he was born and...

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Another must see in Delft

Do you like Delft Blue? For me it depends on how it is used. I like the Delft blue series of D1653 ceramics for example, it has a modern design. And I also like the way it is used by Hugo Kaagman. A stencil King, as he calls himself on his website. I wrote about him...

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I wrote an article about the Voldersgracht for the new magazine about Delft, called Blauww. This canal street is a street which is interesting to visit day and night. During daytime you can shop, have a coffee and lunch. In the evening it offers a lot of dining...

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Old Church / Oude Kerk

I do not always visit a church on holidays. Just sometimes when the door is open…mainly in France. In Delft there are a few churches, I do not visit them regularly because I am not religious. But from a tourist point of view they can be interesting. Last week I...

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The Netherlands is small, but Madurodam is even smaller

“I feel like giant here” my son said to me while we visited Madurodam. He is obsessed with giants and now he became one himself. We visited Madurodam because I won tickets at a lottery. Yeah, good reason to go, I know 😉 but my son and daughter already knew the...

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Stay @myhomeindelft

Are you looking for an unique and authentic place to stay in the historic city center of Delft? Have a look at My Home in Delft
A private townhouse with boutique styling. The best spot to stay ;-) Open NOW!

*Sold Out* The offline guide: Delft in your Pocket

There is an offline guide of Delft to help you around easily, you can buy it online or at TIP Delft

Vermeer in Delft

Yes, I also wrote about Vermeer, the great painter from Delft. :-)
Little street of Vermeer
The love letter
Inspired by...


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