Somewhere in my home I have two Delft Blue tiles which I decorated myself. I am not very proud of my work but I remember it was lots of fun doing it. It is quite difficult and it needs lots of attention to get a nice result if you have never done it before. Despite that, it is worth to give it a try.

Delft blue

A Delft Blue painting workshop is possible in Delft, at Royal Delft. It is an old factory of Delftware, it has been established in 1653. Delftware is still being hand painted according to a very old tradition. You can see this during a guided tour at Royal Delft. You will also see many Delft blue objects/tiles and they will lead you through the factory and their historical garden.

In the (large) shop you can buy nice Delft Blue objects and souvenirs. This is ‘real’ Delft Blue. At the souvnir shops around Market square you buy machine made Delft Blue. 

I think visiting Royal Delft is a must do. Also when you visit the city with kids / teenagers. Book the tour and book a workshop. It is a bit expensive, but you’ll have a unique souvenir from Delft made by You!


Royal Delft / Rotterdamseweg 196 / +31(0)152512030