Last weekend I had this eye opening experience when my husband and I flew to Vienna for a citytrip. As we flew with the Dutch low cost airline, Transavia, we did not have much to choose regarding, flight schedule and airport. Normally we fly from Amsterdam (Schiphol Airport) but this time we had to fly from Rotterdam/The Hague airport.

Although I am a big fan of Schiphol I noticed a few advantages. Rotterdam/The Hague airport is near Delft and my home, it only takes about 20 minutes to get there by car. (from door to door)

It is still a small airport, there is a lot of construction going on outside the airport, so I think in one year it will be much bigger, but still because of its size everything is going very fast. You don’t have to walk miles to the gates, the luggage reclaim works very fast (at Schiphol you have to wait at least 20 to 30 minutes to get your bags) and it all looks good. It is convenient and the wifi (very important) 😉 works very well!

You can also do some last minute shopping for alcohol, perfume, gadgets and souvenirs. The airport has something like a retro look, the control tower looks like the one my son has from Lego city. That’s fun!

If you need a taxi to get to Delft you can order it online, the website says it takes 12 minutes (that is a bit optimistic I think) from the airport to the center of Delft and it will cost 36 Euro. A reasonable price!

Rotterdam / the Hague airport

Taxi service