Everyone knows a place in town which you only know from the fact that is has a nice terrace with good sunlight or so, but you did not try it yourself. You see people enjoying it but still, you never stop by to experience the same. But then you get triggered to explore it.

This is what happened with Rossio in Delft. I came across their website and I did not link the website with the, for me, well known terrace. The website feels Italian, from the sixties (I think). I liked the retro style so I got curious about the place.

Rossio is located on a lively crossing and I’ve passed it for years without even knowing the exact name. The only thing which I kept in my mind was that in the afternoon you can sit at their terrace in the sun…. Never realizing that it was more than a terrace…

So when the kids stayed with grandma and grandpa, my husband and I made a reservation for an early dinner as we had more plans that evening. That was a good thing to do because, the two couples entering after us without a reservation, were lucky to get a table, the third couple had to leave the place. We had seen this happing on a Thursday evening before when we had dinner nearby.

We both took the menu they served and all of it was good food. It was tasty, uncomplicated and enough. The atmosphere was also very nice and we both thought: why didn’t we try this restaurant before?

So, what I’d like to say to you, try the ‘Rossio’ in your town, it might be a very nice place. Just like the one I discovered in Delft!


Rossio / Oude Delft 78 / +(31)15 212 09 50