Sometimes you give a party for too many people so you need a catering to take care of the food. If that is the case, I would say: call ‘Rode rozen & tortilla’s (red roses and tortillas’s)! We have had their food a few times already at home or with others and it was always great! They serve the food in a sort of retro style with red roses and decorative table clothes. When it looks good, it tastes better, but the food actually does not need much decoration.

Since a few years they also have a ‘sweet’ catering: ‘Rode rozen & taartjes.’ (red roses and cakes)  I did not have a reason yet to order something from that part. But now I am lucky. Only two weeks ago I read on a facebook post that you can drop by at their place in Delft to buy all kinds of muffins, cakes, maccarons etc.  I tried it of course!!! It was delicious.

It seems that they also deliver their cakes and food at the Citizen M hotels in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Good choice!

The place is on my way home so maybe I should try another route next time because it is hard to resist their pastries.


Rode rozen en taartjes / Verwersdijk  116 / +31(0)6 13 66 30 06