Something happened to me yesterday. After exploring Delft for some hours with my daughter I felt like having a cappuccino at Het Rieten Dak in the Delftse Hout. I could ride back to my home which is nearby and make my own coffee, but at home there is always something to do, so I forget to relax. It was a very good decision. I gave my daughter a ‘raketje’ (ice cream) and we sat down near the water with this amazing view. Although I have had some parties at Het Rieten Dak before, I never realized that the view from the place was so amazing. I felt stressless immediately! Het Rieten Dak is quit a popular place among all kinds of people who do a cycling or walking tour at the Delftse Hout. I saw a group of ladies with nordic walking equipment leaving the place. But I also so the young family who lives near my home having lunch there.

It is a popular place for parties. I heard a waiter talking to one of the guests and he told him that for the next weeks, they have a full program with al kinds of celebrations. When there is a wedding, they decorate the bridge near the place. That looks nice.

As it is very close to my home, I should have a (coffee) break there more often.

Ps, If you are at Market square it will take you half an hour on foot and only ten minutes by bike to get there.


Het Rieten Dak / Middelweg 3 / +31(0)15 212 4714