Next Thursday we will launch our new Blauww magazine. As you know, I have been writing from the beginning that the magazine exists. In this edition I write about the ‘shopping area’ Nieuwe Langendijk. A street that serves as an access road to the city. If you come to Delft by car it is practical to park in the Mark parking garage and to walk through the new Langendijk to the city.
I discovered that there are also nice shops in this street and that there are good places to eat. I already wrote about the travel company Namaste Reizen, some time ago already. It is still there and has become a well known travel specialist for tailored trips to Asia, in the Netherlands.

Indian food

In this blogpost I want to highlight restaurant Maharaja. One of the few places with Indian and Nepalese food in Delft. If you’ve been in Idia or Nepal you know that the food in those countries is very spicy, it can be hot but especially it is very tasty. In Delft you can have the same experience at Maharaja.


There are mainly well-known dishes from the different Indian regions on the menu, but soon the owner of Nepalese wants to add a number of dishes from his Nepal.
You can choose from many different Tandoori specialties with chicken, lamb or vegetarian. The mixed grill is always a good choice. Furthermore, a chicken Tikka Massala is served and there are specialties such as lamb or chicken Korma and the delicious butter chicken Mahkni Murg.

Vegetarian and Gluten free
Vegetarians come here as well and people with a gluten freed diet can have a good meal too. Except for the naan bread everything is gluten free. The food is spicy but mild in taste. If you want have it hot, just ask.

I liked the restaurant a lot. The owner is very friendly, the dishes look good and the restaurant itself has a cosy atmosphere. My husband were seated next to the window. We had a very nice evening out with very good food. Try it yourself!

Restaurant Maharaja
Nieuwe Langendijk 59