I wrote about restaurant Malee in Delft before . But that was more than a year ago and based on my experience with them as a great Thai take away in Delft. But some time ago I had dinner inside the restaurant. I was a different experience than in most restaurants, so I decided to write about them again.

Malee rulez!

Why? Well, because the food is very good, it tastes just like in Thailand.

And because the restaurant is like a small living room. Where grandfather (I don’t know if he is) picks up the phone while you are having dinner, or makes catering arrangements with a couple, just like he did when we were there.

There was a very calm and friendly young waiter, a student. He introduced the restaurant. Shook hands and was very helpful when I discovered that one of the dishes was quite spicy…

The atmosphere was very relaxed. I felt like being in someones home where everyone is welcome.

There is a set menu, we got a starter, main menu which consisted of different dishes with meat, fish of vegetarian food and a dessert, for about 19 Euro per person.

We were early so we had a table without a reservation, but if you want to eat there, call them in advance. After six you cannot just drop by and have a seat.

People from Delft know where to go concerning Thai food and now you know too!

Thai restaurant Malee / Voldersgracht 29 /  +31(0)15 2120781