Do you know Ray, from Ray Brandstore? I didn’t. Until last weekend.

My husband wanted to shop for clothes, he told me he had to go to Ray’s shop, as they would sell the hipster brand Blue de gȇnes out there.  It sounds French but it is from Denmark. I had never heard of it. And indeed, Ray sells it.

There are more nice brands on sale in his shop, like samsø samsø. Also Scandinavian.

I was a bit embarrassed when I talked to Ray. I thought he only sold men’s clothes, but he doesn’t, he has a collection of ladies clothes too. I missed it completely…maybe it is because of the name of the store that I immediately thought, men only…so I did not look around myself…

Ray seems like a friendly and open guy to me. He told me about the concept of his store, he wants to sell clothes and he wants to mix it with art! That’s nice. So he had a writer in his shop a few weeks ago who told about her work and now there is an exposition of a photographer. I liked the way the art works are combined with clothes. The photographs and the little statue of the revolver make the blue jeans look more tough, in a way 🙂

Go and see it yourself and meet Ray!

Ray Brandstore / Wijnhaven 15 / +31(0) 15 212 1223