Today I read an interesting article about travelling with kids, written by a Lonely planet author.

And everything she sais, is true. I am an experienced traveler with kids. We travel around the world with them (age 5 and 8 now) since they were a baby. Our next trip, apart from a relax holiday in France in May, will be this Summer, to Mexico!

Travelling with kids is fun. Having children does not mean that you are locked at home until they’re grown up or that you have to choose all-inclusive resorts only.

This is important when you travel with little ones:

  1. Get to know the destination before you leave
  2. Choose the right place to stay
  3. Go with the flow
  4. Have a bad weather back-up plan
  5. Try out quirky transport
  6. Indulge your inner tourist
  7. Factor in some ‘me’ time

Regarding to Delft I give advice on this blog about all these aspects. Check out the ‘kids’ part of the blog about little playgrounds, indoor activities, food etc.

But what to do when you want to prepare your kids for a trip to Delft. I think I found something nice. There is an artist in Delft who draws coloring pictures. Her name is Joke Krul. There are already more than 20 of them of the most beautiful places of the town. You can download them for free from her website. Her latest drawing is one of the Little street of Vermeer. Scientists just discovered the exact location of this street on his painting and now there is even a coloring picture of it, isn’t that cool!

Well have fun, with the kids in Delft!