This Summer I had lunch at the terrace at the post office ‘t Postkantoor in Delft. A restaurant in the city center of Delft. I liked it outside, the entourage reminds me to a place in Bali. The building is the former post office of Delft.

Last Saturday we had dinner inside. We did not make a reservation. Although the post office is a large restaurant, it was full when we arrived. We had to wait about 20 minutes before we could dine. But that was not a problem, we had some time to enjoy a glass of wine and to take a look at the place and to feel the atmosphere.

Maybe my husband and I were in a nostalgic mood, but for us, The post office reminded us to a very cool grand café in Dordrecht called Merz. where we had very good time when we were young 🙂

A place to relax, have some food, and to go out with friends. The only thing which was not here was a place where you can dance after some drinks and/or food. I think that that also will fit in the concept of this place.

The food was just good, you do not come here for delicate dining. Prices are very ok! The service was excellent.


Het postkantoor / Hippolytusbuurt 14 / +31(0)15 750 32 43