You can read the blog of course, but the city guide / map is sold out. If you want a map, I can recommend the city map of the tourist office of Delft. You can download it here! Delft is small, you won’t get lost! 😉

Yes, I made a  guide with map of Delft! 

It is the first authentic city map of Delft with guide and it fits in your pocket 😉

There are more than seventy interesting places on the map: for kids, to eat and drink, to have fun, to encounter art, for shopping, to explore sights or just to relax.

You can use the map with our without the blog, depending on how much information you want. At the backside of the map I give you a description of most of the places on the map, if I don’t, you can read more on the blog just look for the matching blogpost about it.

Note: the descriptions are based on my own observations and experiences, the spots on the map did not pay me to be positive about them 🙂

The map is on sale in Delft at the tourist information point TIP DELFT: Kerkstraat 3, Catootje: Burgwal 48 , Galerie XS: Voorstraat 16, Klieder: Voorstraat 4 and Lu-St a place to lunch and shop at Voorstraat 8.

Also available in my Etsy shop online. I ship it world wide. So you can buy it at home take it with you when you visit Delft.

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It is very practical to use this map in Delft, besides that, the map is designed with the skills I learned at the workshop Learn to communicate places more beautifully by Anne Ditmeyer at Skillshare. I hope I succeeded, if not let me know so I can improve it! 🙂 I loved making it!

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I got some nice media exposure about the map in two Dutch local and regional newspapers and on local Tv/Radio

Read it here (Dutch)

Delftste Post

Algemeen Dagblad regio Haaglanden

TV/ Radio program Debby en haar mannen