It seems like I’ve been doing nothing last few months as I did not write much about Delft …but the opposite is true. Apart from being very busy with my family, I’ve been exploring some parts of Delft which I did not yet looked at with great interest. But I think you always must push boundaries as much as you can….so I did some new discoveries!

One of them is the one and only Fablab of Delft: PlugnMake. It is a social fabrication laboratory where you can develop your ideas in actual products. It is run by two architects from Italy and you can create whatever you want in 3D! There are 3D printers available, a laser cutter, 3D scanner etc. You can make your own design and let the people from the Fablab help you or you can have something custom made for you.

There is also a little (gift) shop with some nice 3D designed jewelry, lampshades etc. You can even rent a 3D printer. It is an inspiring and colorful place which every creative should visit!

Breestraat 24