There is a new place in town called Pleck which means place, but then you should write it like Plek (without the ‘c’), but I think the word Pleck looks a bit more trendy. It is situated at the Voldersgracht, a beautiful canal street.

Pleck is a very friendly place. It is open, spacious, it’s a surprisingly deep building, and there is a sort of South American atmosphere. Okay, it has been some time I went to South America but, with the wood, and plants, I got this feeling. Or maybe because it was because of the sunny terrace in front of the café. It is a nice place to sit outside and watch the people go by.

Two sisters started Pleck recently. It is not only for something to drink or to eat. You can also buy nice stuff. Mainly items which have been made by artists from Delft. So it is also a new place to shop. A concept you see more often in Delft.

But at Pleck there is also something different. If you like to read, it is also a good place to be. Have a coffee and take a book from the bookcase at the back. You can read it there but you can also decide to take it home. Better is to swap one of your own books with one from Pleck. Just like I did!

Pleck is place where you feel at home and you’ll come back to. I sure will.


Pleck / Voldersgracht 17A / +31(0)15 889 2288