In Holland the May holiday almost begins or has just begun. This means that schools are closed for one or two weeks. If you do not go abroad, two weeks can be a long period to have your kids at home. This year since a long time, we will not be home during this holiday’s but if you do not leave the country or when you are on holidays in or near Delft and you want to have something fun to do with the kids, I can recommend the amusement park Plaswijck, in the north of Rotterdam, only 20 minutes by car from Delft center.

I call it an amusement park but it actually is not. You can spend the whole day there but it does not have exciting rollercoasters like in Duinrell or a lot of restaurants. Maybe that is why I like Plaswijck so much. It still has the atmosphere of a normal in- and outdoor playground, including petting zoo and water playground.

If the weather is bad the indoor playground can be very useful. It is rather large and it has two floors. There is also a restaurant but you can bring your own food and eat it outside. There are enough pick nick places. For the gluten free people like my son, there are gluten free pancakes and fries with a frikandel. I think I cannot translate this special sausage in English. You should just try this typical Dutch specialty 😉

Although the indoor part of Plaswijck is great when it rains, the park is at its best when the weather is dry. There is also something like a haunted house, a carousel, and two go-card tracks. Both suitable for different age groups. There are water bikes, a little train and so on …enough to keep your kids happy!

The park is situated in a residential area of Rotterdam. Parking is free.

You can read more information at their website (Dutch). I like the way they did the design of the park. Hip and trendy.

Have fun!


Plaswijck Park / Ringdijk 20 / +31(10) 418 18 36