Delft has two petting zoos. One I visit regularly with my children, the other one I still have to explore myself! The one I know is situated at the other part of Delft near the Highway A13, 5 minutes walk from Ikea in theDelftse Hout, a natural/recreational area.

As it is a national school holiday this week, so I decided to visit the petting zoo with my children. We were lucky today, a few chicks came today from the eggs. My children and I had never seen something like that live before.

The petting zoo is nice but not a very special one. It has something to play with for the little ones. The animals which you expect in a petting zoo are there, like goats, chickens, rabbits, pigs, sheep, donkeys and all kinds of birds. You can easily spent one and a half hour at the place. You can buy ice creams and drinks if you want. But the ‘water’ playground next to it, makes the visit more attractive.

Today’s weather was not that good to stay a few hours more, but when the sun is shining your children can play with water and sand. There are slides, a suspension bridge, a boat made of wood etc. It is an exciting playground for the youngest children up to children or 8 or 9 years old. Toilets and fresh water are available.


Kinderboerderij Delftse Hout / Korftlaan 3