Since a few months we own a really nice place in Delft. It’s a home at the city center and for me it is a new project to share my love for Delft with others. I think Delft is still an undiscovered pearl in Holland and I like show this to the world. That was also the reason to start this blog 4 years ago. And now, it is time to open our home for visitors to enjoy this town like a local. The home has been renovated some years ago, but we decided to upgrade it to a modern place to live in and for visitors a location to stay in a comfortable, luxury and stylish environment.

The idea is that we buy as much as possible from local shops to decorate the home and we hire local people for the renovation. In my search for nice furniture and decorations I discovered some nice shops and the first I will mention is Pakhuis Frankrijk. That means literally: Warehouse France.

At Pakhuis Frankrijk you buy mainly vintage furniture like all kinds of cupboards, for clothes or dishes, lamps, but also small things like pottery, glass and other decorations from France. The owner collects all these items herself in France or Belgium and every piece she takes with her has something special like a smashing color, a remarkable lock, an authentic decoration etc.

When she takes it to her warehouse she cleans it and she can give you advise about how to handle the materials. As she was looking for original kids furniture herself a few years ago in Holland and she could not find it she now looks out for kids furniture carefully. There are very nice school desks and chairs for example.

I cannot leave the place without buying something. The great wooden cupboard which used to keep food fresh is in our kitchen now and two mint green (that color is fantastic!) formica chairs are in the master bedroom.

So, when you are looking for something special for your home or if you just like to see vintage stuff, go and visit Pakhuis Frankrijk, immediately! Are you curious about the home? Follw the insta account!😉

Pakhuis Frankrijk 

Hugo de Grootstraat 100