A cityguide of Delft

Atelier Louise

Her name is Loes, her shop is called (Atelier)Louise, and both are warm and welcoming! Loes a lady with experience of life, she has lived abroad for many years and is now back in her home town, runs a very interesting vintage and brocante shop in the Breestraat in...
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Ice-skating at Winters Delft

There is something you have to know about Dutch people…. They all know how to skate on ice!!! If you want to feel like how it is to skate on ice you should try this at Winters Delft. It is an ice-ring situated about 15 minutes from the city center by bike. You pay 11...
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PlugnMake a fablab in Delft

It seems like I’ve been doing nothing last few months as I did not write much about Delft …but the opposite is true. Apart from being very busy with my family, I’ve been exploring some parts of Delft which I did not yet looked at with great interest. But I think you...
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Fresh fish at Les Copains

The Michelin guide 2017 mentions three restaurants from Delft. One of them is Les Copains at the Breestraat. A very nice street at the edge of the city center. They serve mainly fish. Lobster is their specialty dish. There are 3 preparations on the menu. And they are...
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Cortado for coffee

The best early morning sun is the one you can get at espressobar Cortado at the corner of the Burgwal next to the Beestenmarkt. It is quite a new place in town where they serve very good coffee and homemade cakes and cookies. Apart from their sunny terrace in the...
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Hi, nice to meet you!

It is a good idea to travel to Delft and to use this website as your cityguide. Delft is still an undiscovered typical Dutch city where it feels like being in an open air museum. On this blog you can find my stories about this little town in the West part of Holland. I visited and tried already more than a hundred places in Delft and it’s immediate surroundings. The blog gives you practical information and shows you the places to be in this very nice city.

This online cityguide gives you more background information and a quick view on Delft and what is happening here. My themes are: shopping and lifestyle, kids, food and drink, art and design, sights and the immediate surroundings of Delft.
So, meet my favorite hairdresser, eat your ice cream at the best gelateria of Delft, relax at the beautiful Agathasquare, have delicious dinners and find the best selfie spots.
See you!



Hairdresser: Stylish….or….Steilloos?

Please don’t go to your own hairdresser before you visit Delft. Call Steilloos and get the experience! The word Steilloos refers to hair without curls but it is also a joke. If you only pronounce the word and forget how it is spelled, it means without style. It is a...

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I’ve got a TIP for you 🙂

So what do you do, when you visit a place abroad you’ve never been before? I am preparing my trip to Japan right now and the first thing I did was buying a Lonely Planet guide. I bought my first Lonely Planet almost 20! years ago… so it has also become more like a...

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Le Vieux Jean

A week ago I had dinner in Delft and this time it was my husband’s turn to pick a nice place for a dinner for two. He decided to eat at Le Vieux Jean. I hesitated when he told me, because, I would not have chosen it myself. When I pass this restaurant, I think that it...

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Inspired by the girl with the pearl earring

I should not forget to mention the famous painting of Johannes Vermeer, the girl with a pearl earring separately on this blog. When I thought about doing this, I also thought why bother, because there is already so much to read about on the internet and I am not an...

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An impressive place, Atelier Indrukwekkend

Here you can find on a few square meters, I think about, 7 different kinds of presses for printing. And they are all in use. The owner of this place, is an artist and she knows how to operate them all. If you also know how they work, you can work in this place on your...

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A short story about a tiny place: Galerie XS

There is a lot to tell about these 8m2 in Delft, but I’ll keep it short 🙂 If you like art and illustrations, Galerie XS is the right place to be. The owner, Margot, is an artists and she invites other artists to expose in her little gallery. She also sells art,...

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Hand-drawn pictures from Delft

Do you know the Louissons brothers from Delft? No? Well I’ll introduce them to you. They make very nice retro like postcards and posters from Delft. They have more cities to do in mind, but Delft is the most beautiful place of Holland of course 😉 so a good...

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Sushi Obento

Last Xmas holidays I spent some time in Singapore. There we got the suggestion to have dinner at Genki Sushi at the famous Orchard Road. It was a big success as we loved the sushi and the kids liked the way they served it. A bullet train and something like a plane...

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Once I was in a place where I could order a ‘Funny’ for a drink. This is not that place. At Funny’s you can buy all kinds of ‘funny stuff’… I did not know this store, I cycled through Delft when I saw this playground I had never seen before. After taking a picture of...

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Catootje, pretty cool stuff

At the sign outside the shop I read that Catootje sells pretty cool stuff. I had to check it out and actually, she does… Catootje is a small shop at the Burgwal in Delft. But also an online shop. It is a shop made for me. I found there a very cool card with a Koala on...

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Kek Lunch

Yeah, we finally made it, we lunched at Kek this weekend. Untill now I only had a cappuccino there with my daughter. And after that we tried to have lunch on Saturday but it was always too crowded. Kek is really a popular place. Yesterday we were lucky that another...

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Modern Delft Blue from 1653

I am a big fan of design products. I do enjoy a beautiful vase, mug or other good designed article for everyday use. (see my post about the Storm umbrella). Until now I was not interested in buying Delft Blue porcelain, for me it often looks too old fashioned. But...

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The little fruitshop

Delft has a little fruit house, in Dutch: het Fruithuisje (I love that name). It is a small shop in the Choorstraat. Their fruit stand outside always looks very pretty. You actually can’t pass by without noticing it. They also sell vegetables, olives, homemade salads,...

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Storm umbrella

After a long lasting Indian summer, autumn has come as it should be. This means, cold, rain and wind. I do not like the combination of wind and rain. Especially when I have to ride my bike… Maybe I am vain, maybe not, but I do not like raincoats. They make me look...

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I have these creative neighbors in my neighborhood. I already wrote about Liesbeth and her deliesious cakes. Now it is time to write about Isabel. She is a very talented aquarel painter / water colour painter. Her aquarels are detailed and realistic. She mainly paints...

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Hills and Mills part two

Yesterday we wanted to have lunch in Delft. Normally we do not plan this, we just decide in Delft what to do. But since my son got diagnosed with coeliac disease two weeks ago it is different now. Coeliac disease means that he cannot have gluten in his food any...

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De Betovering, art festival for children

This year it is the third year that I visit the art festival “De betovering” (the enchantment) with my children. It takes place during the autumn holidays, the 3rd week of October. It is located in different museums, theaters in the immediate surroundings of Delft,...

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Toko Eddo Time

Today it was Toko Eddo time at home. That means, having good food for dinner, but no time to prepare it ourselves A few years ago we met toko Eddo when we had dinner at our neighbor’s. It seemed that they knew the place already for some time and since then, we’re...

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Amuse your kids at Duinrell

I am not a big fan of amusement parks, actually, I try to avoid them for my children… But sometimes you can’t or you learn that if you try something you think you don’t like, it turns out better than expected. I had this experience with the amusement park called...

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Food and Delft

I have been thinking about writing about food and Delft for some time. It started when I visited the foodfestival at the pittoresque Rietveld theater a few weeks ago. I realized that there are quite a lot foodies in Delft who are interested in organic and local...

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It’s Deliesious!

You might think that I am improving my Italian-English accent right now 😀 but I am not, I just want to talk about the great ‘hidden’ bakery of Liesbeth. She lives almost next to me and she bakes the best cakes ever!!! I discovered this only a few months ago at the...

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Rotterdam/ The Hague airport

Last weekend I had this eye opening experience when my husband and I flew to Vienna for a citytrip. As we flew with the Dutch low cost airline, Transavia, we did not have much to choose regarding, flight schedule and airport. Normally we fly from Amsterdam (Schiphol...

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Experience the Dutch countryside at Biesland

When you are at the Market square in the center of Delft, it is hard to imagine that only 15 minutes away by bike you can find yourself in a polder called Biesland. A polder consists of reclaimed land. You can find there meadows, farms, villages. Well let’s call it...

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Mainstream shopping at Zuidpoort

Despite all the nice specialty shops in the center of Delft, sometimes you just want to do some mainstream shopping. This time I chose to do so, because my son broke his leg and walking with a wheelchair is not so practical in Delft. Zuidpoort is the place to be for...

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Indulge yourself at van der Dussen

Maybe I am psychic, maybe it was just good luck…but yesterday I had  dinner with my husband which I had planned a few weeks before, at Van der Dussen. A restaurant/lounge (I did not understand the word lounge…) with a hidden entrance at the Bagijnhof in Delft. We...

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Great tomato soup

Today we are having our great tomato soup for dinner. I talked about it before in a blogpost about het Pauwtje, the nice store in Delft full of cooking supplies. But then I did not write down the recipe. Now tried to translate it and I converted the quantities in...

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Morning Sun at Het Postkantoor

I know a terrace in Delft with a good morning sun. The sun shines on it from 10.00 am and for early birds like me, that’s nice. It is at the post office (het postkantoor) at the Hyppolytusbuurt. There used to be a real post office but now it is a café/restaurant. The...

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Holiday memories of France at Michel

I just returned from a relaxing holiday at the countryside in France. Our summer holidays consist of reading (I always take at least one novel of my favorite writer: Haruki Murakami with me), swimming, eating and enjoying the good weather. One thing which can be...

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Het Steen, terrifying stories about a medieval prison

At the back of the town hall, you can visit Het Steen. Het Steen is a medieval prison. You can only visit this place with a guided tour. During the tour you will hear about what it is like being a medieval prisoner (I would rather not be one) and you are being told...

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Finally, today I visited Kek Delft. I heard much about it, different people suggested me to go there. When I passed by I always thought, that looks nice, but it was either too crowded or I had something else to do. But today, I had no plans so when my daughter and I...

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Get to Delft by train

If you get to Delft by train, you immediately see what is going on. Delft gets a new station building. It is built next to the old one. I visited the new building a few weeks ago when it was open for visitors. I doubt about writing about it, because it is still under...

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What to take home? Chocolaad!

I have a passion for chocolate and design. Good for me that Van der Burgh Chocolaad is situated in Delft. They just moved to a very nice building with a step gable. The tile floor of the building is authentic and very beautiful. The style and color match the nice...

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Unfortunately there isn’t any original painting of Vermeer in Delft. The most nearby paintings of Vermeer are in the Mauritshuis in The Hague. I think that two of his best painting are there. The Mauritshuis just reopened after a renovation. For me it has become the...

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Small playground, big fun!

At the Van Renswoudenstraat, a street hidden, next to the way up to the Koepoortbrug (bridge) is a small but sufficient playground which has become a mandatory stop for me when I visit Delft with my daughter, age 3. The playing equipment is suitable for children from...

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De Candelaer

During my studies as a graphic designer, I had to choose an add which I could improve. I read the Delft Magazine, and my eye was caught by an add of ‘De Candelaer’. I did not know the place so I thought, let’s have a look inside. De Candelaer is one of the three...

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I had a great exploration week last week. The weather was good and I had lots of ‘to do’ places in Delft. I was ashamed that I never went to the Oostpoort (East Gate) of Delft before. I saw the picture of it appearing in all kinds of promotion material about Delft. At...

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Dinner at the terrace of restaurant Lef

Once every year there is one evening just right to have dinner at the terrace of restaurant Lef. Lef is situated at my favorite Doelenplein.  When it is too hot, it is too crowded there and if it is too cold, it gets chilly outside because you sit underneath the...

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Stressless at the Rietendak

Something happened to me yesterday. After exploring Delft for some hours with my daughter I felt like having a cappuccino at Het Rieten Dak in the Delftse Hout. I could ride back to my home which is nearby and make my own coffee, but at home there is always something...

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A little bit of Paris in Delft

Today I received a very nice birthday present from my friend who lives in France. She sent me this beautiful kitchen towel of Tissage Moutet. It is a towel with the picture of the Luxembourg chair, designed by Fermob. You might know them from the public parcs in...

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Guest blogpost: HIS favorite hairdresser: Kam Kam

My husband and I disagree about the best hairdresser in Delft. I think Steilloos is obviously the best. He thinks Kam Kam is. The funny thing about it, is that the hairdressers are at the opposite of each other. Both are at Vrouw Juttenland. As I do not want to try...

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Men’s specialty shop

Did you know there is a specialty shop for men in Delft? It is called Long John Bodywear. It is situated at the Oude Langendijk near Market square. I gave my husband a nice present from that shop last fathers’ day. I hesitated a little bit to enter the shop because it...

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Lego all over the place

In my home, there is Lego all over the place. And it is my own fault. I discovered the cheapest Lego shop of the Netherlands (that is what they told me) called: A-Tembo in Delft. There is another A-Tembo in Breda, but I am lucky to have this one so close. Well, it is...

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This is not a shop

But you can buy very nice children’s stuff here! Last Saturday we visited the Musouk festival at the Market square. There is always something going on on the square in the weekends when the good weather season starts. The festival was about music and food of different...

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The best view of the town

…and its surroundings you can see from the top of the tower of the Nieuwe Kerk (New church) at the Market square! It takes a lot of courage especially with 2 small children to get the best view of Delft but it is worth it. I do not want to scare you off, but be aware...

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Alice dreams of sushi!

A few years ago I had this very friendly neighbor who offered me her home made sushi. It was my first time to eat sushi and after that, also the last time for years… To get over this sushi trauma my husband started about a year ago to take me out to different sushi...

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Enjoy the Delftse Hout

Spending time in the Delftse hout is a favorite leisure activity if you live in Delft, there are many things to do and you can easily spent a day out there. On this blog I described already some places located in the Delftse Hout. This recreational/natural area is...

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Another nice playground

Another school holiday started this week so I went with my children to a playground to spend some time. We choose playground De Bras. It is not far from my home and it had been some time that we went there. My six year old boy and 3 year old girl liked it a lot. There...

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Cosy because it is cosy at Knus

Cosy is the English translation for the name of this oasis in the Delftse Hout: Knus. Knus is a perfect location for a lunch, spending a sunny afternoon with the kids, a time to relax, enjoy the sun etc. It is located at the edge of Delft in the natural area Delftse...

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The shop without a name

I know a very nice shop. It has no name on the shop window, but everyone knows the shop, so what’s in a name? But it actually does have a name, and now it is getting more interesting, at least for the Dutch! The shop is called, Art & Casey. A long time ago there...

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*Sold Out* The offline guide: Delft in your Pocket

There is an offline guide of Delft to help you around easily, you can buy it online or at TIP Delft

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Vermeer in Delft

Yes, I also wrote about Vermeer, the great painter from Delft. :-)
Little street of Vermeer
The love letter
Inspired by...


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