I do not always visit a church on holidays. Just sometimes when the door is open…mainly in France.

In Delft there are a few churches, I do not visit them regularly because I am not religious. But from a tourist point of view they can be interesting. Last week I visited the Old Church (Oude Kerk). Normally this one is part of the scenery and I do not pay attention to it a lot…that’s why my ‘private tour’ with guide of Delft Maria de Ridder opened my eyes.

I do recommend to visit the church now. If you want to read more about it, you can do it here. I’ll tell you why I think it is worth a visit when you are in Delft.

The church is also called, de oude Jan, the old John. The café and restaurant, le vieux Jean, are named after it. The old church is one of the few gothic churches in the Netherlands.  It’s tower is crooked, if you stand at the bridge at the Nieuwstraat, you have great view on it.

Maria told me about the different parts and architectural styles of the church, and indeed when you look close, from the outside, you can see that the church is not really a unity. The bricks in a few windows, used to be stained glass. And there is even a non-used gateway in the building.

Inside you do not see this mix and match of architectural styles. The church is huge and that is what you feel from the inside. The wooden roof and nicely decorated pulpit in the center of the church are interesting.

There are also famous graves in this church, like the grave of Johannes Vermeer, Anthony Van Leeuwenhoek and Piet Hein.

The spirit of the church is good, serene. There is a lot to see, take your time, we did so too.

I am happy that I visited the Old Church, now when I pass by on my bike, I see more than just a huge old building!


Oude Kerk /Heilige Geestkerkhof 25

entrance: 3,50 Euro