In this time of the year I should write about shopping. I did some shopping myself but I did not buy too much this year, although there were lots of extra shopping activities in town. I noticed that there are a lot of places to go to in Delft, but I explored one place which is different and more like the shops I like: it is called Offline is the new Black and situated at the Oude Delft which is not a typical shopping area in Delft.

An A-typical shop in an A-typical shopping area. That sounds good!

What to buy there?

When I entered one of the owners was making jewelry. She is a goldsmith and makes really nice jewelry. I thought it looks delicate but at the same time it has a sturdy look. It is always difficult to describe art 😉  She also does custom work.

There are products of young Dutch designers, labels and companies. I saw a lot of nice posters and other (affordable) artwork. They also sells Margo Weijers work. You might know her form galerie XS.  But also vintage furniture can be found here.

At the back of the shop you can find vintage (designer) clothes which still looked very good. Clothes of well-known and less known brands are ready for a new owner.

I like it here. The atmosphere is friendly and creative. They are now also open every first Sunday of a new month. In Dutch they call it : Koop-niet-Zondag. This mean that they are not open to sell their stuff.  They want to be open just to meet, to have a coffee and cake. Isn’t that great!

I don’t know why I did not enter this place before, they are open since April. Maybe it is the location, but for you after reading this, you should not wait so long to visit as I did.


Offline is the new black

Oude Delft 149