Last week I bought a cake from the supermarket. It was very sweet but good. On top of the cake were flowers made of paper which you can eat. The two old ladies I served the cake got into a nostalgic mood while eating it. They wondered whether you could still buy this eatable paper or not.

I thought let’s try the little shop at the Sint Agathaplein in Delft, Winkeltje Kouwenhoven. I have been there years ago, but it was still in my mind.

It had not been changed at all. If you enter the shop, you smell Holland from the 1930’s. I was not born then, so I more likely could smell my grandparents’ kitchen. I recognized the labels on the cans and boxes, toys, sweets and cleaning products. It was nice to see, even for a foreigner this might be interesting!

And I also found the paper. I bought some, I don’t know yet what to do with it. Maybe I bake a cake myself and have my children decorate it with it.


Winkeltje Kouwenhoven / Sint Agathaplein 3a / 0031(0)15 260 23 74