…and its surroundings you can see from the top of the tower of the Nieuwe Kerk (New church) at the Market square! It takes a lot of courage especially with 2 small children to get the best view of Delft but it is worth it.

I do not want to scare you off, but be aware that the stairs are steep, narrow and the same stairs are used for people going up and down. There are 376 steps. Despite that, the view of Delft is splendid!

Choose a clear day with not too much wind. It is a few degrees colder upstairs than below so, take a jacket with you. And it is possible with little children 🙂 I carried my daughter all the way up. That is not the policy of the church, children should walk themselves, but if you have children, you know how they are! Luckily my son climbed the stairs himself. (We had to promise him an ice scream from De Lelie afterwards!)

You have a nice view on the town hall and Market square, you can see all the canals of Delft, the new train station, the tall buildings of The Hague and the harbour and buildings in the city center of Rotterdam.

So if you do not suffer from a fear of heights and when you are in good shape, go for it!

Nieuwe Kerk / New Church

Tower of the new church