The Dalai Lama once said that every year you should at least visit one place where you have never been before.

I did not need his advice to do so, but I do agree with him. Travelling to new places makes the world in your head much wider. Maybe that is why I like to travel. I think it gains in-depth knowledge of the world. And apart from that travelling is fun!

My family and I lost our heart in Asia. We like to travel to different Asian countries. Traveling with a family with two little children brings more challenges than travelling without children so we use the service of Namasté-reizen in Delft when we have plans for a trip.

They helped us organize trips to Thailand, Myanmar, China, Malaysia and India already. For our next trip to Singapore we asked them again. They know very nice hotels, organize private transport and always look for the best ticket prices.

Their office is in Delft but you can easily contact them online or by phone.

You cannot miss the office because there is a large Buddha in front of the window.

So, follow the advice of the Dalai Lama and visit….Delft ;-)


Namasté reizen / Nieuwe Langendijk 39/ +31(0)15 2571803