Last weekend I visited the ‘open rooftop days’ in Rotterdam. A surprising event which was held for the first time. Rotterdam is not far from Delft, only 20 minutes by car and easy to reach by train.

It got my interest because of the stunning blue rooftop called Didden village, designed by MVRDV architects, also from Rotterdam, could be visited that day. I am not a connoisseur of architecture, more like lover of experimental and strange buildings 🙂 So I had to visit that place too, a great opportunity because it is part of a private home.

I fell in love with the architecture of MVRDV (this name!!) some years ago. Near Delft, about 15 to 20 minutes by bike there  are houses designed by them at Ypenburg, a suburb of The Hague next to Delft. They did three housing projects there. Each with a unique design.

For example, the first, my favorite, is Hagen Island. Just like the rooftop at Didden village, the houses at Hagen Island haven’t any details on them. They look like these little houses from a Monopoly game. They are made of different materials and each house has its own color. I love the blue and green ones. You can easily walk around in this area. Look at the glass sheds, they look nice.

The second project looks more like a black fortress. It is a pity I do not know anyone living in a such a house. I’d love to look inside. Sometimes when a door is open I can get a glimpse of the patio’s of these houses. This project is called Patio Island. You can only enjoy this project from the outside.

The third project, nearby the other two, is called the Watervillas. Eight villa’s are entirely made of wood in a ‘longhouse’ shape with windows from floor to ceiling. You cannot walk around them as they are almost completely surrounded by water. The best view on them is from the ‘Bitterzoet pad’. A path in front of the houses, you’ll have a great view from it because of the large water pond in front of it.

Apart from the MVDRV architecture there are more special houses to see at Ypenburg which you won’t find at home.

Modern, experimental architecture is just such an important part of the Dutch culture as the old gables and canals are. So, get off the beaten track and visit this place.


Ps there is more MVDRV architecture in Delft and in its immediate surroundings, I’ll post about it later…


More information about the 4 projects:

Didden village (Rotterdam)


Housing project at Ypenburg (The Hague)

Hagen Island (Stiemensvaart)

Patio Island ( Bottgerwater)

Watervilla’s (Van der Wolf water)

Also easy to reach by car:

Higway exit (A13) Delft Noord to Ypenburg

Park your car at Stiemensvaart (free) and have stroll to the 3 projects.