Do you like Delft Blue? For me it depends on how it is used. I like the Delft blue series of D1653 ceramics for example, it has a modern design.

And I also like the way it is used by Hugo Kaagman. A stencil King, as he calls himself on his website.

I wrote about him before when I saw a mural made by him at the Bonte Ossteeg (a narrow alley) in the city center of Delft. But yesterday evening I was surprised to see his work in a parking in Delft. The mural at the Zuidpoort parking is quite large and there is a lot to see. Like all kinds of typical references to Delft like the Vemeer girl and the Oostpoort bridge and references to Dutch history. I really enjoyed it.

So, on your way to the shopping area ‘Zuidpoort‘, check out the new ‘must see’ of Delft!


Parking Zuidpoort / Zuidwal 14