Not far from Delft, only 20 minutes by car, located in Wassenaar, you can find the best Museum of the Netherlands: Museum Voorlinden. A private initiative open for public. Surrounded by a special designed garden.

Despite our great museums in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, I think it is the best! It’s collection contains a high quality international contemporary art. The permanent collection is extended and there are exhibitions of well-known artists.

“The artworks on permanent display in Museum Voorlinden cannot be described, one must undergo them.” That is what the museum tells us on their website, and it is true. Richard Serra’s Open End, Leandro Erlich’s Swimming Pool, Ron Mueck’s giant couple under an umbrella are impressive and indeed, you must experience them yourself.  (My kids also liked it a lot!)

The museum itself, is also very beautiful and large. I was there 26th December and it was very crowded. But I did not mind the crowd because the museum itself is very spacious. There is a special construction in the roof to let the Northern and Southern light in so that the artworks are at its best.

I was thrilled when I first saw the museum on social media and even more during my visit. There is finally a museum in the Netherlands with a permanent collection which meets the quality of a Venice Biennale or an exhibition at Tate in London.

And it is in my backyard!!!

Museum Voorlinden

Buurtweg 90