I know a terrace in Delft with a good morning sun. The sun shines on it from 10.00 am and for early birds like me, that’s nice.

It is at the post office (het postkantoor) at the Hyppolytusbuurt. There used to be a real post office but now it is a café/restaurant. The terrace is at the back, you can also enter it from the Papenstraat.

I like the way they decorated the terrace, it is large, they used a lot of wood and they used Asian decorations. When I sit there, I feel like being in Bali. The atmosphere reminds me to the boutique hotel La Taverna in Sanur.

Lunch is good. They also thought about the children, you can order a bread on a stick. Mine like it! There are also toys in a huge cupboard inside so you can at least spent two hours there with your kids!

If you have had your coffee or lunch out there, you must visit the nice interiorshop in front of the terrace.


Het postkantoor / Hippolytusbuurt 14 / +31(0)15 750 32 43