When I started this blog I was looking for a city guide of Delft. I could not find it…

I read a few things in The Lonely Planet of the Netherlands and that was it. Unfortunately…But this gave me the chance to explore Delft myself and it brought me and my family a lot of fun and interesting experiences in this beautiful city! It also gave me the opportunity to make one myself.

And finally, I can tell you now:

The first authentic non-sponsored fun and interesting city map of Delft, including city guide has arrived! And I am proud of myself that I made it. *blush*

Making is a map is not so easy! I visited the exhibition ‘Delft depicted’ last Tuesday. 340 years ago historian Dirck van Bleyswijck was asked to make a new map of the city center of Delft. The exhibition is interesting because I learned that it took him 3 years to finish it, including hand drawn pictures of some places of the immediate surroundings. A lot of houses from that map still exist in Delft. Not much has changed.

Except for the way it is made. He drew and measured it himself. I used Adobe Illustrator to draw my map, used my smartphone to take pictures for my blog and open street maps gave me the framework of the city. It did not take me 3 years to make it. But I do not agree with the remark in the exhibition that with using software , you can produce your own map in a few mouse clicks…

My map is just like Van Bleyswijks’ it’s unique.

It has 69 places of interest on it and you can use it as a guide in Delft. It gives a description of most of these places. And it relates to my blog. If you use both you get the best authentic guide of Delft!

At this moment you can get it at the trendy shop Catootje at the Burgwal, at the smallest but loveliest gallery of Delft, gallery XS at the Voorstraat and at the great café/restaurant Huszar at the Hooikade, you know where Vermeer painted his view of Delft.

You can also buy it from abroad in my new Etsy shop.

More places to follow!


Museum Prinsenhof, special exhibition ‘Keart figuratief’ (Delft Depicted) / St Agathaplein 4 / +31(0) 230 23 58



Fun and interesting map, including city guide, made by Alice!